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Hitler’s Deputy in Tanta: Rudolf Hess from Nazism to Ashes

  • 2022-06-02 15:54:06
  • Ahmed El-Moslemany

Arab World

We need a 'new Fudul Alliance’ to fight terrorism and promote religious tolerance

The original Fudul Alliance was an ethical alliance established in the pre-Islamic era

Middle East

Talking about a new Yom Kippur War in The Middle East

Experts believe that war in the Middle East is imminent. If the "atomic clock" warns that a nuclear World War is only "two minutes" away, the war in the Middle East is only "2 seconds" away.


Happened in Sierra Leone.. Where there is No Weight for Gold

Do you want to know a brief about the history of modern Sierra Leone?...


The Intellectual End of World War II

During the 2019 New Year celebrations in Germany, far-right “militias” appeared patrolling the streets for the first time.

Political Islam

Islam & Peace: The intellectual project of Sheikh Bin Bayyah

Sheikh bin Bayyah is one of the great scholars in the Islamic world. He draws worldwide attention. His famous phrase, “We should declare war on war so the outcome will be peace upon peace”



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