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The Intellectual End of World War II

  • Ahmed El-Moslemany

  • 2020-02-17 03:24:27

During the 2019 New Year celebrations in Germany, far-right “militias” appeared patrolling the streets for the first time. The mayor of Amberg said to the AFP: “I’ve notified the police about the formation of vigilante groups in the town.”

Then he clarified: “I can understand the uncertainty that I see in the reactions of some local people, but this hatred and the threats of violence coming from all over the country are going too far.”

The “far-right” National Democratic Party (NPD), close to the Nazi current, has published photos of a number of its members dressing in red vests on which the party’s logo is printed. Newspapers described the “red vests vigilantes” as security patrols belonging to the far-right and outside state institutions.

In the first days of 2019, the German newspaper Die Welt mentioned that an explosion occurred in front of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) offices in Döbeln, Saxony State. Authorities believe that political motives are most likely behind the incident.

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) is the official representative of the far-right current in the country. It has become the third biggest party in only four years, and the first far-right party to enter the German Bundestag since the end of World War II.

World War II was the war waged by the far-right against the right, the war of fascism and Nazism against the European and American right. The far-right ideology and the far-right countries were eliminated after fifty thousand hours of war and the death of seventy million people.

There wasn’t a single far-right person in the whole of Europe who was able to raise his voice or to express what he believed in public. It seemed that Adolf Hitler was “the last Nazi” and there won’t be any Nazi after him and it wasn’t even conceivable that the ideas of the 1930s will once again return.

Seventy years have passed and it seemed that the consequences of World War II have concluded and that the intellectual structure that was founded following this war has cracked and collapsed.

World War II resulted in the international rise of Communism; the Soviet Union’s power increased and it began to share global influence with the USA.

At that time the “classical Imperialism” represented by France and Britain for so long ended and a new image emerged, that of “American Europe.”

The defeat of Nazism, the rise of “Sovietism” and the decline of European imperialism was the intellectual triangle of post-World War II ideology.

Decades have passed under this new ideological stability; then came the Soviet Union’s collapse like an empire made of clay, the emergence of neo-Nazis, and the cracking of the European-American alliance.

The waters of the Atlantic Ocean began to gradually widen, until the political distance became greater than ever. American Europe ended and European Europe returned. The East is East and the West is West once again.

During President Donald Trump’s term, this geopolitical aloofness became public. The American president started to talk about the necessity of Europe paying for the continuance of “American Europe”.

After the American dissociation, Germany and France got to work. Discussions were made regarding a European military alliance that wouldn’t wait for an American rescue that might not come.

The intellectual triangle which had ruled the world has now ended. Nazism has returned through several premises and decency required it be called far-right and the rise of populism.

Communism has gone, so capitalist Russia and capitalist China are confronting capitalist America. The West has been witnessing what can be called “the autumn of NATO.” Some countries are buying arms from Russia and others have become distrustful of this distant ally.

The world’s political thought is changing and the predominant visions of the world today are changing from what they were during the post- World War II era. The “end of Communism”, the “rise of Nazism”, the “NATO autumn” and the “return of China” constitute the intellectual end of World War II.

The expectation, which we don’t want to think about, is that the world will collapse and we will see the return of blood-letting once again. The intellectual end of World War II could be the intellectual beginning of World War III.

World War III won’t be like its predecessors. The military technology and the way wars are fought has changed completely.

Missiles used to be short-range, medium-range and long-range. Now some missiles have no range. Missiles used to be launched on a path, which can be traced and be dealt with. Now some missiles have no path.

The aircraft pilots, submarine and tank commanders were the stars of the battles and they were the ones who took decisions. Now there are the drones, self-driving submarines and driverless tanks.

The infantry were the war; they were the ones who liberated or occupied, who are trained in competence and bravery and in how to conquer geography and traverse wide swathes of land. Now the soldiers are robots that can fight, hordes of “new humans”, tin soldiers who don’t feel or bleed.

The number of nuclear warheads used to be in the tens. Now the numbers of nuclear bombs in the world are more than 15,000.

The world has always been a dangerous place, but it has never been more dangerous than now. There were always probabilities of great wars, but they were never more likely than now. Many a time international politics has moved far from the green zone, but today it is standing on the brink of the abyss.

During the Korean crisis, Washington talked and also Pyongyang talked about using nuclear weapons, and during the American missile crisis in Europe Moscow talked and Washington also talked about reaching the end of the line after options narrowed.

Strategic studies are discussing missile experiments to blow up satellites, manoeuvres underneath the oceans to cut marine cables. There will be no media, no communication and no internet. The world will return to World War II technology.

Naturally, scientists, who have set up a symbolic Doomsday Clock, moved it forward. They estimate that when the clock’s handles reach twelve o’clock it will be the zero hour in the third and final World War. Those who set up the clock were in great anxiety when the hydrogen bomb was invented and when the Bay of Pigs crisis escalated. Today they are feeling more anxious than ever.

There is not too much time left for the world; is little bit before twelve. What a miserable world! Mankind is heading towards the best of periods in history; huge advances in medicine; distant existence on Mars’ surface and on the dark side of the moon; artificial intelligence and three dimensional printers; features of the Fourth Industrial Revolution; four-dimensional microscopy; efforts to communicate with extra-terrestrials.

Can folly end this fantastic planet?

If the Doomsday Clock reaches its ultimate end there won’t be anyone to narrate what happened. There won’t be history or historians. Our planet will be the new Mars: a planet of nothingness.

Seven billion human beings are crying out for reason. It is too frightening that this could be the last call.



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Ahmed El-Moslemany

Founder of Cairo Center for Strategic Studies