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When Lebanon is an Oil - producing State... what would be the effects of that on Hezbollah?

  • Cairo Center for Strategic Studies - CCSS

  • 2019-08-15 02:47:31

In 2020, the first Oil well in Lebanon will be drilled. The Russian and British companies have preceded others to negotiate and agree with Lebanese politicians. They were then followed by other companies, that a sudden investment rush in Lebanon had started.

Energy and Water minister and Lebanese Petroleum Administration have negotiated with major Oil Companies as Gazprom, Lukoil, BP, Total, ENI, and Novatek.

Beirut will start negotiations to demarcate its maritime border with Syria, and Cyprus, while US-mediated talks with Israel on demarcating the two countries' maritime borders.

Will the demarcation of the maritime border between Lebanon and Israel lead to political normalization between them?

what is the impact of Lebanon presence in the oil investment race? and what is the effect of this race on the economics of energy in Egypt?

what is the internal and regional political effect of Lebanon being a new variable in a confusing area at the geopolitical level?


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Lebanon, Oil, Oil Companies, Russia, UK

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